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I work with a very ancient system; a tool, provided for us and based on the natural patterns and cycles that makes up the Universe.

This tool is based on both Astrology and Numerology and has never failed me in accuracy and as a guide to direct me in what ways I need to change, grow and become more aware.

It guided me through an extremely dark time and took me from hopelessness to bliss.

I’ve watched it do the same for many others.

With this tool as a touchable, workable, practical, applicable means of transformation, one can really see and use their innate gifts, opportunities and yes, even challenges and struggles to overcome anything.

It is a tool that was hidden (as so many are in order to preserve their integrity) within something that all of us have been around and known of our entire lives – a deck of playing cards.


Click here to read more about their history and how they correlate with our calendar and how we each have a birth card spread.


The beauty of this system is in the fact, that like your changing astrology chart, your cards change. They point to certain events, challenges, and cycles that, when used and applied, allow you to start walking the path your soul chose in this lifetime.

You can make the most of opportunities, see the possibilities and finally stop feeling like life is just knocking you around day to day. Life is no longer just a survival game where you’re trying to get to the finish line.

With the cards, you get one of those awesome Tour Guide books that can show you the hidden places that you wouldn’t  otherwise know about that transforms your trip into the experience of a lifetime.

I call it SoulMancing.  I do certain types of Readings that go beyond “fortune telling” –which is not what I do– and instead are guides to discovering your specific patterns and sets you on a self-aware journey that uncovers all of the potential and possibilities of YOU.

And even deeper, they’re a guide for the great shift that is occurring to all of us now on this planet. We’re shifting from a by-gone era of the Industrial and Information age, into a deeper, more Intuitive age. A time of being more aware, more connected and less in our heads. It’s a time of realizing that everything we need to achieve what we came for—we came with. There is no need to go searching “out there” for our happiness, or our purpose.


You can read more about my Readings in the above Tabs. Or, you can enjoy my free gift and take a peek into your birth card and see for yourself. It is only the tip of the iceberg, but is a glimpse into the card’s system.


You can also talk to me directly for a free 30 minute “End the Anxiety” session which gets right to the heart of a specific situation that might have you buried and distraught.

What is a Reading?


I call them soul stats. And I think it is really cool that we each have a roadmap that guides us on the journey we chose for this lifetime.

Each of us are unique layers of energies, patterns and expressions. While there are a multitude of factors that make us who we are, we each came in with specific soul stats. When we know and understand those soul stats, we can more clearly understand why we are experiencing what we’re experiencing and how we can better our lives; make the most of our lives and live out the purpose and experiences we came to have.

There are two things that helped me in my darkest times: One was to understand my soul stats and the other was to work with a mentor/coach.

I pride myself on being the queen of self-taught and an avid DIY’er. But we can get in our own way and be blinded by our own perceptions when it comes to really changing our lives.

A coach can see what we can’t see and be a container of much needed support so we can quickly make the changes we need to make in order to have the life we really want or to get unstuck and BE who we really want to BE!

I stumbled round in the dark beating myself up for years because I just couldn’t seem to get to what I really wanted – or I didn’t even know what I really wanted. But once I utilized the help of a coach and the tools given to us through Astrology, Numerology and the Cards, my life made sense and changed quickly and joyously!

Helping others do the same is my mission.

Receiving a professional reading can be that step you need to get over some life hump that has you struggling, or to clear the confusion and see your life more clearly. You are always in control of how your life plays out, but sometimes you aren’t aware of what is blocking you or creating the havoc, hurt or chaos you find yourself in.

We all  need a guiding hand sometimes;  to help sort through the confusion and questions that can throw us off course and make life less than joyous. Because, bottom line, life is supposed to be joyous!

Readings with me are about You–your cards, your situation, where you are now and where you’d like to be.

I offer readings over the phone.  All calls are recorded as MP3’s and emailed to you within 48 hours of our scheduled call.

Depending on the Reading/Package you chose, calls are either a series of 1 hour sessions, or one 90 minute call.

The various types of  Readings are within the tabs above–you can click on the tabs to learn more.
If you’d like to know more about the art of reading playing cards – SoulMancing, as I call it –  Click Here.

With all of my readings, I take into account your astrological sign, Life Path number and the number of the year you are currently in.  The core of all readings are based on your birth card spread, the planetary period you are in, the cards for your current year as well as my own intuition.


The first step, once you have decided which reading fits you best, is to confirm your session with a payment. Each type of Reading has it’s own payment button, which will send you to a secure Paypal site. There is also instructions for how to pay by check.

Once I receive notice of your payment, I will contact you by email and provide you a link that allows you to look at my available session times and you can choose which one works best for you.

There is an option on each page if you wish to purchase a Reading for someone as a gift! (They make awesome gifts!!)

If you have further questions or are not sure which reading is best for you, email me at: ash@ashjoielee.com. I’m happy to help you choose the best reading or package for your needs.



 The Clarity Session:

This is a single session via a recorded 60-min phone call. The reading gives you a bird’s eye view of what is playing out in your life right now. I address any issues or areas where you are unsure, confused or just needing some clarity and confidence.

I give you a printable chart that helps you see the direction your soul is taking right now in the present and how you can utilize the cycles and patterns you’re currently in to switch gears and head towards your goals and dreams. Having this chart in view for your year helps you stay on track and understand why things are happening as they are!

If you’re new to SoulMancing (Playing card forecasts), I include your birth card information so you can recognize and realize any unknown potentials. This is very eye opening and life affirming!

For past clients, this reading is great if you have a specific question or just want an overall look at your year.

There is a 30 min follow up call included 2 weeks after the initial call for any further questions or to discuss a next step course of action in the direction of your goals.


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The Achievement Sessions:

Do you have a specific goal or desire you want to manifest?

The Achievement Session is a 6 session package that has one purpose: To clear the way and begin the steps you need to take (inwardly and outwardly) to manifest a desire or specific goal.

Utilizing your “soul stats” ( the information about the authentic YOU from your cards, numbers and astrology) and your current forecast, the intention of these sessions are to provide you with practical steps as well as the motivation, guidance and support for you to achieve that which you desire.

I use methods that resonate with your unique style and help you stay focused, confident and tapped into your inner wisdom, so you can step into an easy flow of manifesting your desire.

  • The first phone call is a recorded 90-min session to clearly understand your forecast and how it can support your goal.
  • Each session thereafter is 45 minutes (recorded) with a follow-up questions/support email in between phone sessions.
  • You can book your sessions however you want – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


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The Transformation Sessions:

Do you want to completely transform an area of your life? Is there something that has been holding you back or a deep fear keeping you from doing what you really want to be doing?

What do you wish you could change about your life?

The Transformation Sessions is a 12 session package that has one purpose: To help you do what needs to be done to transform an area of your life.

By using your soul stats, you’ll have a roadmap to guide you. This guidance will have specific tools for you to work with as well as my support and help in allowing you to hear and use your inner wisdom. Your soul wants you to expand, to be happy and to live with abundance – no desire is too big or impossible.

Daily action guides and tools that resonate with your unique style help you stay focused and in tune with your Higher Self, which allows you to make deep changes within —which is reflected back to you with a new, better outer reality.

  • The first phone call is a recorded 90-min session to clearly understand your forecast and how it can support your transformation desire.
  • Each session thereafter is 45 minutes (recorded) with a follow-up questions/support email in between phone sessions.
  • You can book your sessions however you want – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


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The Essence of YOU Reading


This reading gives a wonderful overall look at who you really are—at who and what your soul wishes to express in this life. It can clarify purpose, your innate talents and potentials that can be hidden from you. ( Even how you can make money!)

It reveals why you are facing the challenges present in your life, but more importantly, how to use those challenges to become more and uplevel your life. It reveals the higher perspective of your life, so you can feel in control and authentic.

This reading is unique in that I look at all the key elements from your Birth & Ruling card spreads as well as important aspects of your Astrological chart and your Numbers.

When these are combined, they paint a unique picture of you and things that once were confusing will finally make sense!

This isn’t a computer generated reading. I take the time to prepare this for you and during the reading, you can ask about anything specific that feels like a stumbling block for you.

What Clients are saying:

IGreg Eaton think the power of belief is often super underrated, and believing that you are capable of achieving something is way more than half the battle.  I left the reading with new vision, hope and direction, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. My day to day would not be exactly what it is without Ashley’s powerful insights, and I have nothing but gratitude towards her for that. I now feel closer to my goals and my core values, and more capable of consistently pursuing my dreams than ever!” ~Greg Eaton | SPC-CDT Records

In this reading you’ll learn:

  • What the energies of your soul stats mean. This information can give you insights about who you are authentically, that boosts your confidence, takes the confusion out of your desire and confirms the direction of your life and purpose. Knowing how they all fit together can change your perspective of you!
  • Discover the areas of your life where you should focus your talents and energy to create a life that feels right, purposeful and abundant.
  • Why you feel challenged or stuck in certain areas and how the work in these areas can shift your mindset and set you in the right direction of your goals.

What you’ll receive:

  • A PDF reference sheet with your cards and the main highlights from all your soul stats.
  • A 90-minute consultation with me about your cards and how they influence the direction of your life.
  • An mp3 recording of our session delivered to you via email within 48 hours of our call.
  • A follow-up email from me to see if you have any additional questions.



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